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Fishing Reports

Lower Sacramento River Report

September 1 2013 - fishing is fair to good depending on location. Some fish already eating eggs south of Anderson.  Report sent in by Chris Gearhart of Bent Rod fly fishing
September 29 2013 -  The Sac is fishing we'll. The egg bite has started. Salmon are all the way up to the Posse Grounds. We got more fish down river bigger fish up river.
			      Lower Sac Rainbow						Lower Sac Rainbow
Feather River Report
September 1 2013 - The lower part of the river ("high flow") remains high about 5500cfs. The upper part ("low flow") has great flows about 1000cfs. 
There are so many salmon in the upper section it's silly. They are not paired up and digging redds yet but give it a month and things should really be cooking !!!!  Report sent in by Chris Gearhart of Bent Rod Fly Fishing.
September 13 2013 -  Did a quick scout trip on the Feather. So here is what I saw. The Low Flow ( the river above the Thermalito Inlet) we did a 3 hour float from Montgomery Park to 
the RV park so i did not see any of the water below Mathews.  Tons of salmon in all the usual places. I did not see signs of digging but I did see some salmon starting to stage. 
We hooked 3 steelhead along with countless salmon.

The High Flow (the river below Thermalito Inlet.) We floated from The Inlet to Gridley. Lots of salmon still around but that should end soon and for the most part its easy to stay out of each others way.
The jet boats are kind of a pain but we all share the river right? I did not see many salmon up on gravel for the most part they are still hanging around in the deep holes. 
Disclaimer- we fished very fast we did not spend much time at any spot.  Did manage one very nice 20" hatchery fish.  Bottom line I think we are still a couple weeks away but when it gets rolling it should be very good.  
Report provided by Bent Rod Fly Fishing
November 4 2013 -  Spent several days on the Feather River last week. The river fished VERY well. We spent time on the High Flow section. For the most part we found our fish behind salmon , 
sometimes in only a foot of water so fish that skinny water. Most of our fish came on eggs but we did get a couple on bugs (small mayfly stuff). The egg bite was so good one day we fished 
double eggs (that was our most productive day). Color of egg did not seem to matter much. We caught them on eggs from orange to pink and everything  in-between. We had doubles, 
we had 3 fish on in the first 2 minutes of fishing, we had 2 casts for 2 fish but I think the best one was when a fish was hooked on the first cast, broke off, tied on new egg, 
first cast hooked a fish, landed fish with our hook in his jaw. Thats an aggressive fish. The big fish went just over 24".
If you get a chance you really should get up there. Report provided by Bent Rod Fly Fishing

Feather river steelhead      
                     Feather River Sept 2013                                                               Feather River Nov 2013                                                         Feather River Nov 2013                                                Feather River Nov 2013
Mokelumne River Report
The Moke is in desperate need of water but still putting out a few fish including one of these 21 inch Steelhead.  Report sent in by Chris Gearhart of Bent Rod Fly Fishing.

Stanislaus River Report

The Stan like all the rivers in Northern California is in desperate need of water, pray for rain.  The fishing is a bit slow but still producing nice size fish.  Report sent in by Chris Gearhart of Bent Rod Fly Fishing.
Yellowstone River Montana Report
The Yellowstone is seeing some excellant fishing with guides reporting that they are seeing more large fish caught than they have in the last 3 years. 
Flies to use are Lightening bugs, Lafontaine bubbleback caddis pupa, evil weevil, olive sculpin, bow river bugger ,parachute adams, yellow sally nymph ,elk hair caddis. 
This report provided by Ed Lawrences Fly Fishing.
                           Yellowstone Brown 2013                                                                   Madison River Rainbow 2013