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Whether you are an enthusiast or a beginner in fly fishing, you can count on The Trout Spot, your home for all things fly fishing. As a site established and sustained by a trout and fly fishing enthusiast, you can be sure that this site will serve as your one-stop hub for all news and information related to fly fishing. 

At The Trout Spot, we don’t just offer you with the tools and fly fishing accessories and apparel; we provide you with the some of the best resources online, news and trends that can help you better understand fly fishing. If you are new in fly fishing, then you can check out the latest news and posts about the best locations where you can start your fly fishing adventure. For example, you’ll learn that the rivers in Montana like Yellowstone River and Madison River are some of the best spots to discover when it comes to trout fishing. For the enthusiasts and experienced individuals, our site can serve as a guide to discover the latest fishing reports, like Mokelumne River Fishing Report and a guide as well for individuals looking for fly fishing packages. At The Trout Spot, we also offer insights and guides on some of the latest tools that can be used in fly fishing like an indicator with dropper flies. 

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Fly Fishing for Women

Posted by Richard on 3/20/2014 to Tips
Guess what ladies and gentlemen, fly fishing isn’t only for gents; ladies also enjoy the sport.  For women who want to begin fly fishing but don’t know where to begin, the first step is choosing the right fly rod, and many women are unsure how to select the one that is perfect for them.

Besides what fish you want to catch, there are three basic rod features that are important to consider:  the rod's length, its weight and its flex.
The 9 foot rod is considered to be the most versatile length for the widest variety of fly fishing situation. You may consider buying two fly rods, one for the small streams and one for your other fishing.

Another factor is the weight of the fly.  The weight of a fly rod is determined by the diameter of the fly line that the rod is designed to cast.  The type of fish you are trying to catch determines the weight of a fly rod is necessary; a 4-6 weight rod catches trout, bass, bluegill, crappie, etc., but would likely break if you used it for larger fish like steelhead or salmon.

The third important characteristic of a fly rod is its action or flex.  Some rods bend or flex only at the tip of the rod. These are often referred to as fast-action or tip-flex rods.  A rod that bends about one-fourth of the way down from the tip is generally referred to as a medium-fast action rod.  Medium-action or mid-flex rods bend about a third of the way down, and are the easiest to cast for many anglers and help them achieve better accuracy.

Determining which rod fly rod and fly weight is easy when you shop at The Trout Spot. You will find everything you need to get started on your fly fishing experience, and the helpful sales staff can answer any questions you have. 
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