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Whether you are an enthusiast or a beginner in fly fishing, you can count on The Trout Spot, your home for all things fly fishing. As a site established and sustained by a trout and fly fishing enthusiast, you can be sure that this site will serve as your one-stop hub for all news and information related to fly fishing. 

At The Trout Spot, we don’t just offer you with the tools and fly fishing accessories and apparel; we provide you with the some of the best resources online, news and trends that can help you better understand fly fishing. If you are new in fly fishing, then you can check out the latest news and posts about the best locations where you can start your fly fishing adventure. For example, you’ll learn that the rivers in Montana like Yellowstone River and Madison River are some of the best spots to discover when it comes to trout fishing. For the enthusiasts and experienced individuals, our site can serve as a guide to discover the latest fishing reports, like Mokelumne River Fishing Report and a guide as well for individuals looking for fly fishing packages. At The Trout Spot, we also offer insights and guides on some of the latest tools that can be used in fly fishing like an indicator with dropper flies. 

Consider us as your partner online when you want to discover fly fishing. We offer you fly fishing accessories, fly fishing apparel, fly fishing books and videos and the latest updates and news that can help you make sense of this recreational sport. Call us at 800-822-7129 to order the tools and fly fishing accessories or if you have questions about the posted news and updates.

Mokelumne River Fishing Report 5/28

Posted by Chris Gearhart Bent Rod Fly Fishing on 5/28/2014 to Fishing Reports

The Mokelumne River is fishing well since reopening

Trout Flies

Posted by Timothy on 5/19/2014 to Tips
Here at The Trout Spot we want to ensure that you have everything you need for a successful fishing adventure. Today we will focus on the different types of flies needed for catching trout, as well as other fish. There are trout flies that match just about any type of insect you will find along a trout stream or river. Using the correct trout flies for the season is critical. The thing to remember here is to match the hatch.

Lower Sac Fishing Report

Posted by Richard Desrosiers on 5/18/2014 to Fishing Reports
Lower Sac fishing is up and down

Fly Fishing Tips – Dry Fly Fishing

Posted by Timothy on 5/16/2014 to Tips
While the notion that most trout feed below the surface most of the time, dry fly fishing is still a favorite of many. The surface commotion and hit from the trout is exhilarating and immensely memorable. Presenting an imitation of an adult insect which has matured and floating on top of the water is what dry fly fishing is all about. While many will avoid dry fly fishing by using deeper water nymphs in order to catch more trout, the exciting rewards of dry fly fishing are without parallel in pursuit of trout. These tips suggested below will likely increase your productivity and help catch more trout on dry flies.

Is There any Trout Fishing in “Trout Fishing in America?”

Posted by Timothy on 5/6/2014 to Ramblings
The beat generation’s Richard Brautigan surrealistic prose-poem entitled “Trout Fishing in America” is considered a small masterpiece of American literature filled with zany characters, continual adventures to small towns and places, to forests and rivers –many of which are actually named: Trout Fishing in America. So we are provided with a bit of a game with that name, of which any person, place or thing can be named.

Tips and Techniques for Fly Fishing 101

Posted by Timothy on 5/6/2014 to Tips
What is amazing about fly fishing is that one learns something new every day. Perhaps you are just beginning in the adventure and we wanted to share some common wisdom we have accrued over time. The main thing in fishing in general, is to keep your senses open to your surroundings. There are certain clues and signs one picks up while gaining experience. The following are some observations we have accumulated and cultivated over time, specifically geared towards rivers, creeks, & streams.

Caring for Fly Lines (& your Guitar)

Posted by Richard on 5/3/2014
Consider that the fly line is of extreme importance to any fly rod setup.  Like the strings of a guitar, no song (fish) will be produced without them.

Lower Sac fishing Report

Posted by Chris Gearhart Bent Rod Fly Fishing on 5/2/2014 to Fishing Reports
Lower Sac continues to fish well

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 Tips and Techniques for Fly Fishing 101
 Is There any Trout Fishing in “Trout Fishing in America?”
 Caring for Fly Lines (& your Guitar)

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